International Dogshow Rijnland

International Dogshow Rijnland


We are ready for it and are eager to present our new International Dog Show on Saturday 26th and Sunday, 27th of March. Please have a look at the CV’s of experienced judges who are invited, they booked months before this date in their calendar for this special weekend.  Each participating dog will receive a special souvenir.

As you expect from us, no registration fee at registration. Plenty of large ‘free’ carparking!

Two days show, not a double show at KV Rijnland. This allows us to create the space for you as an exhibitor nice big rings in the beautiful light and ‘approachable’ hall of the Plantarium. Saturday we present the groups 2 – 3 –  4 – 6 – 7 and Sunday, groups 1 – 5 – 8 – 9 and 10.

For the visitors there is plenty of space to look around quietly, for shopping and have experience.

From 15.00 we will present the Mini-/Junior-/Senior Handling and winners of various classes in the beautiful honor. A pleasure to watch.

You are cordially invited to be part and witness a magnificent International Dogshow.

Dogs are welcome visitors. Do not forget to bring your vaccination papers and / or dog passport.

Exhibitors are requested to deposit URGENT waste in the appropriate bins.

You are responsible for the mishaps of your dog. They are cleaned by you.

You will not be notified that you want to appear in the ring with your dogs.


Veterinary Service Drs. Carlo van Wiggen

In place as part of security for visitors, exhibitors and dogs are forbidden benches and other materials along the rings. Benches and other materials of the exhibitors as chairs/table could be placed behind the line. Thank you for your cooperation. Exhibitors may be requested kindly but forcing the organization to look for another place.