Dijkhorst-Noij, mevr. R.Ch.M.

Dijkhorst-Noij, mevr. R.Ch.M.


I live in The Netherlands with my husband, two children and many animals.

As a child I grew up with dogs, nowadays I’m happy with my Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Miniature American Shepherds.

Even more than being a Judge I am a passionate breeder and I love to show my dogs around the world. For me it’s not about breaking records with just one dog, I love to come out with new quality dogs time after time. I’m very proud of many great wins with homebred dogs (BIS & BISS) as well as many World and European Winner titles.

I know what it takes to keep your dogs in great condition and what hard work it is to go and show and I respect the breeders/owners/handlers for this. I will always be gentle with the dogs that are presented to me as they are the reason why we are so passionate about the dogworld.

I am grateful to have been invited to judge at this show and I look forward to meet you!