Zeppi, mr. A.

Zeppi, mr. A.


I have enjoyed a very active involvement in purebred dog for more than two decades. My dad started breeding Bracco Italiano 35 years ago. My keen interest in dogs started when i was very young and now I’m carring foward my father’s love for purebred dogs.

About twenty years ago I started having a keen interestion Golden Retrievers, English Cocker and Labrador Retriever.

I breed and show Golden Retrievers, English Cocker and Labrador and i also produced serval champions included six International champion of beauty.

From Apri l2013 to May 2016 i was Vice Chairman of Italian Retrievers Club.

I judges in some countries : Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Lituania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Belgium.