Strijbos, mevr. W.J.M.

Strijbos, mevr. W.J.M.


My name is Wilma Strijbos and I live in the Netherlands.

All my life I have been surrounded by animals.

I’ve always competed at a high level in the horse sport.

After that I found my way to the dog world, showing and breeding purebred dogs.

I started with the Lhasa Apso , later on with the American cocker spaniels and  Boston terriers as well.

Since 2005 I am an official fci judge, resulting at this moment in the license to judge fci group 9 and 4 and some breeds in group 3 and 8.

I had the honor to judge in many different countries.

As a breeder I am very proud to have bred over 100 American cocker spaniel champion titles across the world, my Chicomy’s prefix shows up in pedigrees of the most prestigious American cocker spaniels.

At this time I am still breeding high quality American cocker spaniels and Boston terriers.

I am honored to judge at your show, thank you for entering your dogs! I am looking forward to have you all in my ring.