Jentgen, mr. P.

Jentgen, mr. P.


I grew up with German Shepherds. Since ever I was very interested in the training and the commun live with this breed.

In 1980 I got my first own German Shepherd « Cent von der Pelztierfarm ». Together we had big succes in working and in show.

My interests in dog’s anatomy were so great that I passed the examination to be showjudge for this breed in 1984. After being special judge for 6 years I added other breeds.

Today my passion is for hunting dogs, first of all for my German short haired Pointer « Urmel von Möhlhorst » wich I trained and guided until the VGP.

Today I judge all breeds in FCI groups 1, 4, 7, 8, and also many breeds in the FCI groups 2 and 6, and I’m BIS judge

In my judge carreer I had the pleasure to judge very succesfull in many different countrys.

Dogs are always true, thankfull and in good humor. They never give secrets away.  That’s because I love them.

I’m looking forward to your show and to many nice dogs to judge.