Lately, we (the organisation and the exhibitors) have been approached regularly about the way we treat our dogs at the dog shows. As passionate dog lovers, we will all go to great lengths to make sure that our dogs feel as comfortable as possible during a dog show. However, not everyone agrees with us that a dog show is an atmospheric and responsible event for both humans and dogs. Together, we can do something about that. TOGETHER, we can ensure that our dogs are well cared for, that they are sufficiently walked and that they are correctly prepared for the show and guided into the ring. Do not give people an opportunity to question your and our hobby – cooperate with the following code of conduct:

  • –  Do not let your dog stand or lie down on the grooming table for too long. Tying dogs to so-called ‘gallows’ is strictly prohibited.
  • –  Do not leave your dog(s) in the car.
  • –  Do not put more than two small dogs or one (medium) large dog in one bench.
  • –  Usage of cages with grid floors is strictly prohibited.
  • –  Dogs in benches should have access to sufficient fresh drinking water throughout theentire day.
  • –  Guide the dog with a loose leash or lift it in an animal-friendly manner. Do not lift thedog by the leash (collar) and do not grab and lift the dog by the skin and/or tail.
  • –  Dogs lifted with a tight leash will be disqualified from participation.We have also informed the judges and stewards and asked them to make sure that everyone adheres to this code of conduct. We are all keen to maintain our common hobby and passion. We therefore count on your cooperation.