Website International Dogshow KV Rijnland

Website International Dogshow KV Rijnland

20-01-2019, This year a number of new breeds will be judged at International Dogshow Rijnland, these are National recognized breeds. Below you will find what kind of breeds it is and which judge we have invited for these beautiful breeds.

• Miniature American Shepherd, FCI group 1 section 1.6: Bakker-v.d. Woestijne, J.F.

• Chodsky Pes, FCI group 1 section 1.7 (Bohemian Shepherd): Bakker-v.d. Woestijne, J.F.

• Russko-Evropeyskaya Ovchark (Eastern European Shepherd): Bakker-v.d. Woestijne, J.F.

• Barbado da Terceira, FCI group 1 section 1.9: Bakker-v.d. Woestijne, J.F.

• Cão de Gado Transmontano, FCI group 2 section 2.3: Wauben, J.

• Prazsky Krysarik, FCI group 9 section 9.11 (Prague Rattler): Vyguzov, I.

Breed group 1: Bakker-v.d. Woestijne, J.F.

Breed group 2: Wauben, J.

Breed Group 9: Vyguzov, I.