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Alberts, J.

The Netherlands

The first pedigree litter to be born in my parents home was of Bernese Moutain Dogs. Later on they bred Schapendoes and Briards, their kennelname “de la Richesse” became well known in both these breeds.

I took it on myself to explore the Wheatens in Ireland in the early 1970’s and found interesting breeding material. The first litters in this breed were bred by my parents. Later on I continued this breeding with the same kennelname.

I became a judge in 1986, since 1991 I have been active in our local Dog Club. Our local activities should be more appreciated, we coach new dog owners and we train aspiring dog lovers in the knowledge about dogs.

You meet many interesting people giving these training courses and one of them pointed out the merits of our Frisian breeds. I took her advise and became a judge of Wetterhoun and Stabyhoun as a result. I’m proud to be able to help both these breeds along.

The Markiesje was still to become a breed when I helped found the Club and wrote the initial standard. I’m very happy to help the club again at this stage that several specimens of the breed really approach the standard.

I’m looking forward to judging at the Rijnland show and hope to find individuals of my breeds that really come close to my ideal image of the breed.

Bakker -van de Woestijne, J.F.

The Netherlands

Gedurende schoolvakanties gewerkt in een hondenpension, daar kennis gemaakt met diverse rassen.

Na eindexamen een aantal jaren in een Schotse herder- en Sheltiekennel gewerkt, later in een kennel van windhonden en dashonden.

Rassen in bezit gehad: Schotse herdershond langhaar, gladharige foxterrier. Sinds 1967 bearded collies, van 2003 tot 2015 een beauceron. Vanaf 2015 een IJslandse Hond.

Gefokt: Bearded collies, in 1972 eerste nest, laatste nest in 1996.

Keurmeester sinds 1989, eerste ras Nederlandse schapendoes.

Sinds 2007 groepskeurmeester van rasgroep 1.

Andere bevoegdheden: groep 2, Anatolische Herdershond, Kaukasische Berghond, Centraal -Aziatische Berghond, Kraski Ovcar, Sarplaninac, Hovawart.

Groep 10: Deerhound, Ierse Wolfshond, Barsoi, Whippet, Afghaanse windhond

Ik heb gekeurd in vele Europese landen, in Australie en Nieuw Zeeland.

Het keuren van honden blijft voor mij een van de fijnste onderdelen van mijn kynologische hobby. Ik vind het altijd weer een eer als mensen met hun geliefde hond om mijn oordeel komen vragen.

Verdere kynologische activiteiten: Van 1983 tot 2017 secretaris van de KC West-Friesland, gedurende 15 jaar bestuurslid van de Ned. Bearded Collieclub en 5 jaar van de Beauceron Club Nederland. Vanaf 2014 bestuurslid van de Vereniging van Keurmeesters op Kynologisch Gebied.

Mede-organisator van 2 CAC-tentoonstellingen.

Meegewerkt aan handboeken van diverse rassen

Docent en examinator KK-2 , E & B en diverse rasexamens

Berchtold, P.F.


Peter was born in 1966. His family has always had dogs with his parents initially breeding Dobermans and later Flat Coated Retrievers from 1994 to present day.

In 1980, Peter got his first dog, a Doberman bitch that he trained and showed. Peter has bred Labrador Retrievers under the ‘Starchant’ prefix and Spinone Italiano, Pugs and Bullmastiffs under the ‘Waterfairies’ prefix. Peter currently owns and loves two Spinoni Italiano, two Pugs and two Bullmastiffs. Peter holds his hunting permit since 2002 and supplemented his knowledge by obtaining the falconry license in 2018.

On the judging scene, Peter obtained his license for Retrievers in 1998 and has followed up with FCI Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Peter aspires to further his education and become an All Breeds judge. Since 1998, Peter has judged in most European countries and Australia looking forward to his appointment in South Africa in 2019.

Over the past twenty years he has judged various memorable shows such as the World Dog Show in Paris, France (2011) where he awarded B.O.B. in Labrador Retrievers, Group 8 Best in Show Junior, Brno, Czech Republic (2017) where he first awarded Best in Show at an all breeds show and “Raduno del Triennale” of the “Club Italiano Spinone” in Tuscany, Italy – which is the most prestigious event in the country of origin.

As an administrator, Peter’s involvement over the years has been as a Show Manager and President of the Austrian Retriever Club, Co-founder and President of the Junge Hundefreunde Austria – only Junior Handling Club, Austria’s delegate to the FCI Commission for Retrievers, member of the advisory board to the Austrian Kennel Club, President of the FCI Commission for Retrievers.

Peter is currently the Co-founder and President of the Austrian Spinone & Bracco Italiano Club aiming for membership in the Austrian Kennel Club one day.

Broek, v.d. A.P.J.M.

The Netherlands

I’m already involved in dogs since 1968 when I started my dog carreer with a whippet. Due to the fact that I wanted to explore my interest in dogs I succeeded to become a judge for whippets in 1981. During that time my attention was drawn to the pharaohound and in 1982

I bred my first litter with the affix: “Of the Netherlands”. In this breed I have been very successful; breeding BISS and BIG-winners and exported to several countries including USA. I also got involved with borzois in handling, co-owning and co-breeding with lots of success in the past (“Gustopsowaya’s” borzois and a long time ago “Van Borjoschka” borzois).

At the moment with “Modnyabistru” borzois. My interest resulted in expanding my judging-license more and in the year 2000 I became a group-judge for sighthounds. I have been judging in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slowakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tsjechie, USA and of course Holland. This judging includes several specialties (for my two own breeds the Dutch, Russian, French, Finnish, Belgian, Italian and Polish Borzoi specialty and the Swedish, Finnish, English and Bulgarian Pharaohound specialty).

Also I have judged several times the clubspecialty from the Dutch Dachshund Club, the Dutch Schnauzer Club including the ISPU show in Holland, two times the Dutch Dobermann specialty, a French, German and English Dobermann specialty (and also the breed in Belgium, Sweden and Finland), two times the Great Dane of the Year show and I have judged at the F.C.I. European- and Worlddogshows.

Draganescu, M.


Standard wire-haired dachshund Breeder

Kennel name “Karma’s Legacy”

Breeder activity

I entered the world of dog shows in 1998, when I started as a Collie owner and continued as handler and breeder of Saint Bernard.

I’ve start breeding dachshunds in 2005. In 2007 I have imported a male from Portugal- Pi Da QuintaD’Aroeira, and in 2010 one from Barsil, the male Treis Pinheiros Sunday Silence, which becames in the same year, Res. World Winner and European Winner, where it also has been the Best of Breed. In Cruft’s Competition it wons First in Class.

In 2011 arrived in the kennel fom Brasil a new male, Treis Pinheiros Fibonacci, which became European Winner 2012.

Dogs born in my kennel results at major competitions, respectively :Always Early of Karma’s Legacy was Junior European Winner in 2009 and Darma of Karma’s Legacy was Reserve European Winner 2012, Ford of Karma’s Legacy won Junior European Winner 2012, World Winner 2013 and Res. CACIB EW 2013, Omar of Karma’s Legacy won Reserve European Winner 2016 and European Winner 2017.

I ‘ve presented dachshunds in many dog shows, including Cruft’s, every year, each time getting results and Eukanuba World Challenge.My dogs have been consistently successful around the world,winning many BOB and groups.

Judge Activity

As a judge I have been honored to be invited to judge in International Competitions in Romania and in other countries as Hungary, Finnland, Brasil,Norway, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Egypt, Spania, Germany, Austria and to judge the Dachshund National Specialty in Norway, Brasil, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary and Portugal.

I am licensed as FCI international judge for Group I, Group II, Group III , Group IV, Group VII, Group VIII andGroup IX , BOG and BIS.

Gregoire, A


I’ve been in touch with dogs since the day I was born. Several different breeds passed on my way when I was young… Later when I decided to live on my own it didn’t took long before I bought my first dog. As I was living on an flat I preferred to take a little dog as a companion. I fell in love with a white & black Shih Tzu. A great bitch, she almost became 19 years old…
Two years later I moved to my own house and took a bigger dog. One that I could do a lot of dog disciplines with…my first Bearded Collie came in my life. It was a brown & white bitch. She was “an all-rounder”. I did obedience, show, agility and flyball with her. A little bit later I became instructor in all these disciplines. Bearded Collies are like “viruses”, when you’ve got one, you love to have more… so in total I had four of them. Later on I decided to take also a Border Collie. Through the years I became more and more passionate by showing my dogs. They all have several Champion Titles in many countries. As I was bitten by the “show bug” my dream to become also a judge wasn’t so far away.
In 2011 I became an official F.C.I. judge and started of course with the Bearded Collie, followed by the Border Collie. In the meantime I’m allowed to judge some breeds in group 1, 3, 9 & 10. I stopped showing my dogs when I became a judge.
Of course I enjoy club life and currently I’m a member of several clubs: K.M.S.H. (Belgian Kennel Club), Belgian Border Collie Club, Club für Britische Hütehunde Germany, Dutch Bearded Collie Club, Belgian Royal Terrier Club, Australian Shepherd Club Belgium, Haspengouwse Kynologen Vereniging…
Last but not least I’m also Secretary of the Scientific Committee V.d.A..
I’m extremely proud with what I have achieved so far, grateful for the opportunities that I had to judge already at many shows in Belgium and abroad and I look forward to develop myself as a judge in order to serve all these beloved breeds even more and better in the near future…

Hiddes, J.

The Netherlands

This year I am 48 years judging.

I have been a member of several boards, I have often taken race examinations or attended as delegates.

I am responsible for the whole breed groups 2,4,6 a part of 5 etc.

In many European countries I have been asked for judging in the breed groups mentioned above.

More often I have judged by Rijnland and I look forward to coming back again.

I wish you every success as an exhibitor. 

Koolmees, A.A.

The Netherlands

Born 27 September 1955 in Rotterdam, my name is Ineke Koolmees.
For many years, my busy life didn’t allow me to have the dog I wanted:
first there was the medical school at Erasmus University (Rotterdam), 
then years of long days as a resident cardiologist at the St Fransiscus Hospital in Rotterdam.
A move to Apeldoorn, now 25 years ago, finally made my wish come true.
A dog entered my life, and it was a black-and-tan standard long-haired dachshund. 
I fell in love with the race, and studying cynology, in 2014 I qualified to be a certified judge.
My long-haired dogs gave me years of joy and the subriquet “Ineke of the Black-and-tan Long-hairs”.
Sticking with the black-and-tan, my current boys are the smooth Chico and the miniature wire-haired Xander.
They fill their days and mine with joy.
My intentions are not to judge other races. Cynology is my passion, and I love dogs in general, but the dachshund will always be my favorite.
On 23 March 2019, it will be my pleasure to judge the race.

Manders, E.C.A.M.

The Netherlands

Ik ben opgegroeid met honden en het fokken ervan. Mijn oma had Pekinezen en Poedels die op show kwamen en opa had Boeviers. En thuis hebben we verschillende rassen gehad (Witte kleine Kees, Langhaar Teckel, Chow Chow, Ierse Setter, Schotse Herdershond, Yorshire Terrier en Maltezer). De Maltezer is echter het ras geweest waar het showen en fokken mee gestart is. Toen ik 7 was kreeg ik mijn eerste Maltezer en vanuit daar is de hobby uit de hand gelopen. Na een aantal jaar kwam het eerste nestje en weer later gingen we showen. Inmiddels heb ik dit bijzondere ras al 36 jaar en is mijn kennel al 26 jaar geleden ingeschreven. Ik heb meerdere nationale en internationale kampioenen gefokt en door heel Europa geshowd. Inmiddels fok en show ik een heel stuk minder al vind ik het nog steeds leuk en hoop ik deze passie door te geven aan mijn kinderen.
In 2002 ben ik keurmeester geworden en inmiddels keur ik heel groep 9, bijna heel groep 5 en een aantal rassen in groep 3.

Naast het showen, fokken en keuren ben ik bestuurlijk actief en heb daarnaast een uitdagende internationale baan.

Pichard, L.


Laurent Pichard bred his first litter under the Vigie prefix when he was 15 years old. That was an Irish Setter Litter. He then became devoted to the American Cockers and never lost his interest in this magnificent breed, finishing over 300 show champions in over 45 years of breeding. The Very Vigie Kennel had a strong influence in the European scene and his biggest win was certainly in 2007 when Multi Ch Very Vigie Vamos à la Playa ( ASCOB cocker ) who was designated as the first Eukanuba World Champion in Long Beach California.

Very Vigie has been designated as Breeder of the year by the Finnish kennel Club in 2013

  1. Pichard’s latest great win is WORLDCHAMPION 2014 with Multi Ch Very Vigie Fame’nd Fortune in Helsinki and winning the group at the famous Windsor show in Summer 2015 with the buff multi CH Very Vigie I don’t Know,and winning the breed at Oslo European Dog show 2015 with Multi Ch Very Vigie Huluberlulu.

His breeding activities have also been in English Cockers and Weimaraners

  1. Pichard started his judging career in 1977 and was elected in May 2010 as an All Rounder by the Swiss Kennel Club. He has been judging all over European countries, England and usually at World or European shows. His overseas duties brought him to Russia, USA, South America and Australia

For more information on his dogs, visit

Simons, A.F.M.

The Netherlands

Ik ben geboren en getogen Limburger waar ik dan ook zeer trots op ben.

Samen met mijn echtgenote hebben wij vanaf 1972 Amerikaanse Cocker Spaniëls onder de kennelnaam “House of Kingswood” gefokt en hiermee veel succes behaald. Na het overlijden in 2008 van mijn echtgenote ben ik gestopt met het fokken van honden. Sinds mijn vroege pensionering uit de overheidsdienst zijn er de Engelse Springer Spaniëls bij gekomen en sinds 2005 loopt er ‘just for fun’ ook een Chinese naakthond bij ons rond. De Engelse Springer Spaniëls kwamen bij ons toen ik voldoende tijd hiervoor had. Rashonden zijn al sinds 1970 onze passie en grote vrienden. Wij hebben altijd zeer selectief gefokt en geïmporteerd, wat dan ook te zien is in onze fokkerij. Vele van onze honden zijn in binnen en buitenland kampioen geworden. Nadat ik in1989 slaagde voor het E & B examen ben ik mij gaan voorbereiden op de rasexamens en werd groepskeurmeester van de Retrievers, Spaniëls en Waterhonden (FCI rasgroep 8). In mijn loopbaan als keurmeester heb ik in veel landen in Europa gekeurd. Het keuren van honden zie ik dan ook als kroon op mijn werk van vele tientallen jaren bezig zijn in de kynologie, niet alleen als fokker-exposant, maar ook in de bestuurlijke functies en het geven van instructie cursussen. Tevens ben ik voorzitter, oprichter en organisator van de “Limburgia Hondenshow” Outdoor show met CAC-CACIB.

Mijn andere hobby, die zeer goed samen gaat met honden is muziek en dan bij voorkeur vocaal. In de muziek hoort balans en ritme thuis. Dat is ook wat ik in de honden zoek: Balans, temperament/ritme en soundness of zoals men ook wel spreekt over de 3 T’s, type, topline en temperament.

Timmermans-Kadenko, N.G.

The Netherlands

Before Nadjia moved to Holland , she was already professionally involved with dogs in Russia.

She had a degree in biology and was an employee in the Far East department of the Russian Kennel Club as the leading selectionist in the breeding programs. The characteristics of this job made her deeply involved in the breeding and judging of different breeds. In 1987 she became a judge in Russia. Her first love was, after watching the famous “Lassy”, the collie. Later on she participated in the popularization and breeding of South-Rrussian and Caucasian shepherds, all poodle varieties, VEO, American cockers, Schnauzers and Dobermanns in Wladiwostok .

In Holland from 1993, Nadjia continued her dogs related life and followed the obliged courses of the Dutch Kennel Club, passed all the necessary exams and in 2004 she became an official FCI judge. As judge, dog sport fancier and photographer she is active on many dog shows and working trails.

Nowadays many breeds are on her judging list and she judges all over the globe. Nadjia is a Group Judge for FCI Group 1,2 and 5 and also qualified to judge various breeds in the FCI Groups 7,8,9 and 10. As respected Dobermann specialist Nadjia is often asked to judge the Champion shows of many Dobermann clubs. In 2011 approved by The Kennel Club of Engeland to award CC’s merit in UK.

Passion for journalism and photography resulted in her popular book series “The World of Dobermanns”. With the kennel “Russkaja Mechta ” which means “Russian Dream” Nadjia became a quite famous Dobermann breeder in Holland and many work- and show- champions are the result of her breeding.

In the last 10 years she was a Chairman Dobermann health committy of the Duch Dobermann Club and a show committee member.

Ambitions, Experience, Quality and Good Care are the core characteristics of her work.

Tresoor, M.E.

The Netherlands

Keurmeester Mariëlle Tresoor

De Ridgeback maakt al deel uit van mijn leven sinds mijn geboorte; mijn ouders hadden er toen zes. Op mijn geboortekaartje staan ze allemaal (net zoals de poes en de Ierse Wolfshond die er toen ook bijhoorden) en sindsdien ben ik nooit zonder Ridgebacks geweest.
Ik zou mijn leven niet zonder dit geweldige ras kunnen voorstellen.

Op acht jarige leeftijd begon mijn “ show carriere” zowel als ringmedewerker als handler en nog steeds ben ik regelmatig in de showring te vinden, zowel in het binnen- als buitenland.

Onze Vir Die Simba Safari kennel werd in 1970 door mijn moeder opgericht en sinds 1994 ben ik mede-eigenaar. Van tijd tot tijd fok ik een nest pups waarbij de nadruk ligt op soundness in zowel karakter als bouw en in de loop der jaren hebben we diverse nationale en internationale kampioenen gefokt.

Sinds November 2014 ben ik keurmeester van de Rhodesian Ridgeback en inmiddels heb ik al met veel plezier op diverse plekken in de wereld de Ridgeback mogen keuren.

In mijn professionele leven ben ik arts en gespecialiseerd in zowel de ouderen- als de bedrijfsgeneeskunde.

Upmeijer, E

The Netherlands

Van jongsaf aan zijn er honden in mijn leven geweest. Een cocker spaniël was de huishond, een grote witte keeshond bij mijn grootouders, en iedereen in mijn nabijheid had wel een hond, o.a. Engelse Springer Spaniël, Gordon Setters, Labrador etc. Samen met Cees Hartveld, mijn echtgenoot, heb ik de Alaska Malamute, waar tot op heden mee gewerkt wordt en zo af en toe geshowd en gefokt.

In 1996 behaalde ik mijn eerste rasexamen voor de Alaska Malamute. Daarna volgde de Siberische Husky en de andere rassen in groep 5. Uit groep 2 heb ik het rasexamen voor de Landseer ECT behaald. Op bestuurlijk vlak ben ik actief als voorzitter van de Stichting Kees en Poolhondententoonstelling en K.C. de Oude IJsselstreek. Bij de exterieur en beweging cursus van de Raad ben ik docent.

Vyguzov, I. 


Professional medical university education (doctor of medicine), second university education – management of organisation.

Since 2002 owner of the kennel Baikalskiy Talisman (FCI kennel name)

My parents had dogs all life and I start my life with dogs – dobermann & great danes.

Personal career start in dogs world as owner & handler since 1998 with first shar pei in kennel, which in future became multi champion. For the long time was present as handler many breeds at the different shows. Today at home lives pug & french bulldog.

Since 2003 FCI judge.

Since 2005 president of all breeds kennel club in Irkutsk, Russia.

Since 2009 president of Moscow Kennel Club (all breeds non profit organisation)

For 5 years term president of Russian Shih tzu club, vice president of Russian Shar pei club

Since 2017 vice president of European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs (EFSPC)

Since 2018 President Maltese Club of Russia

For long time chairman of dog shows in Irkutsk and Moscow, Russia.

Specialist in toy-breeds group, pincher and schnauzer & molossoid group, yorkshire terriers, retrievers.

Junior Handling School chairman & education programs author about Junior Handling Competition.

Take part in education programs for new judges, organisation seminars for special cynological disciplines & handling

Have expirience as judge at the shows in 36 FCI countries, including prestigious shows around the world.

In 2016 had honor to choose Best in Group 9 at European Dog Show in Brussels, Belgium and Best Junior Handler of Europe, judging at World Dog Show 2018 in Amsterdam, Holland and invited to judge European Dog Show 2020 in Slovenia.

Dogs is my love, my passion and judging is the best hobby for me, which I am doing with pleasure & my heart.



Wauben, J

The Netherlands

ince the 1st of July 1979 I have dogs. Starting with an Old English Sheepdog that gave me the passion to be involved with dogs the rest of my life.

Since 1985 I have the honour to judge at FCI level. Starting (of course) with the Old English Sheepdog and now judging all breeds in FCI groups 1,2,4,6 and 10. During the years we have had bobtails, German Wirehaired Pointers and since a lot of years Newfoundlands and Petits Bassets Griffon Vendeens living in my house. I have a passion for working with dogs in the way they originally have been bred for. So working in the water with our Newfoundlands and trying to hunt with the Petits in the field and woods.

I’m the president of the Maastricht International Dog shows, educate people and helping them to become as passionate as I am with dogs. Also involved in educating judges on national and international level.

Since quite a few years I am a member of the Dutch Kennel club Raad van Beheer and in this board responsible for health and welfare for dogs and also for all judges. Also since a lot of years I am a member of the FCI Show Judges Commission and the FCI Breeding Commission. Judged all over Europe and in some countries outside like South Africa, China, Japan, Taiwan, Uruguay, where I love to hang around and talk with people about our passion, our dogs.

To me dogs must be fit for the function they have been bred for. Dogs without exaggerations that can breathe and move without problems. Lucky that we have a lot of dogs that fit to this picture. That’s why I love to judge!

Weijenborg-Weggemans, E.J.

The Netherlands

Bijna geboren in een hondenmand werd ik al besmet met het hondenvirus. Toen ik nog een jong meisje was starten mijn ouders de “v.d. Ossekoele” kennel. In eerste instantie voor een nestje Heidewachtels maar niet veel later werd dat de Border Terrier. Ongeveer 30 jaar later “kocht” ik me in bij de kennel en ging zelf ook Border Terriers fokken. Sindsdien heb ik meer dan 35 kampioenen gefokt en/of naar hun kampioenschap geshowd. Op dit moment maakt het ras nog steeds deel uit van mijn dagelijks leven en hoewel ik veel rassen waardeer en leuk vindt, zal het bij dit ras blijven tot ik er noodgedwongen afscheid van zal moeten nemen.

Als voormalig onderwijzeres onderwijs ik nu graag toekomstige keurmeesters, fokkers maar ook hondeneigenaren in de kennis die zij nodig hebben om hun hobby te kunnen beoefenen. Als ik dan later deze mensen zie schitteren binnen hun passie straalt dat een beetje op mij over.

Sinds 1995 ben ik exterieurkeurmeester en vandaag de dag mag ik de rasgroepen 3, 4 en 5 compleet keuren plus de Tibetaanse Terrier en Shih Tzu. Ondanks dat mijn passie ligt bij het houden en fokken van mijn Border Terriers heb ik altijd genoten van de vele keurmomenten in binnen- en buitenland.

Eén van mijn meest memorabele momenten was de Best in Show keuring die ik mocht verrichten in Zwolle, de bakermat van mijn hondenpassie. Een heel speciaal moment voor mij daar mijn ouders de KC Zwolle mede hebben opgericht. En waar wij als kinderen al leerden wat kynologie was.

Ook bestuurlijk heb ik er een flink aantal jaren opzitten. Op dit moment is dat alleen nog het voorzitterschap van de Border Terrier Club, in navolging op mijn vader die dat ook jaren heeft gedaan.

Kortom, een vol kynologisch leven dat alleen geleid kan worden met de hulp en steun van de mensen om me heen.

Zeppi, A.


I have enjoyed a very active involvement in purebred dog for more than two decades. My dad started breeding Bracco Italiano 35 years ago. My keen interest in dogs started when i was very young and now I’m carring foward my father’s love for purebred dogs.

About twenty years ago I started having a keen interestion Golden Retrievers, English Cocker and Labrador Retriever.

I breed and show Golden Retrievers, English Cocker and Labrador and i also produced serval champions included six International champion of beauty.

From Apri l2013 to May 2016 i was Vice Chairman of Italian Retrievers Club.

I judges in some countries : Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Lituania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Belgium.

Zwaartman-Pinster, P.C.

The Netherlands

Vanaf kinds af ben ik opgegroeid met honden.

In de kynologie ben ik actief als exposant(was), fokster en keurmeester en heb verschillende bestuursfuncties bekleed. Mijn kennel (affix Het Zwaard) bestaat nu 42 jaar. Vanaf 1974 tot 2006 had ik Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Met name de Whole-colours. In het verleden waren daar ook Maltezers en Chihuahua’s bij. De laatste 22 jaar zijn dat Tibetaanse Spaniels.

Naast de kleine rassen zijn enkele Duitse Herders, Pyrenese Berghonden en Engelse Setter mijn maatjes geweest. Overigens heb ik met deze grote rassen nooit gefokt.

Vanaf 1994 ben ik keurmeester. Inmiddels FCI- groepskeurmeester van groep 5 en 9, tevens BIS – keurmeester. En keur ik enkele rassen in de groepen 2,3,7 en 8, in binnen- en buitenland.

Daarnaast heb ik mijn medewerking verleend voor het tot stand komen van de boeken “De Cavalier in Nederland” en de ”De Kees”. En ben ik de auteur en uitgever van de boeken “De Tibetaanse Spaniel op Nederlandse bodem, 40 jaar Tibetaanse Spaniels in Nederland.”en “De Tibetaanse Spaniel, de parel uit het Oosten”.

Verder heb ik de zilveren spelden van de Nederlandse Keeshonden Club en de Cavalier Club Nederland mogen ontvangen.

Mijn kynologische drive?, daar kan ik kort en krachtig over zijn, dat is de hond zelf, het is gewoon een prachtig wezen, het is geen bezit maar een rijkdom, want welk wezen is in staat om ons mensen,

zoveel liefde, eerlijkheid, vrolijkheid, trouw, rust, spontaniteit en gezelligheid te geven als onze viervoeters.