Wie zijn onze keurmeesters?

Dijkhorst-Noij, mevr. R.Ch.M.


I live in The Netherlands with my husband, two children and many animals.

As a child I grew up with dogs, nowadays I’m happy with my Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Miniature American Shepherds.

Even more than being a Judge I am a passionate breeder and I love to show my dogs around the world. For me it’s not about breaking records with just one dog, I love to come out with new quality dogs time after time. I’m very proud of many great wins with homebred dogs (BIS & BISS) as well as many World and European Winner titles.

I know what it takes to keep your dogs in great condition and what hard work it is to go and show and I respect the breeders/owners/handlers for this. I will always be gentle with the dogs that are presented to me as they are the reason why we are so passionate about the dogworld.

I am grateful to have been invited to judge at this show and I look forward to meet you!

Doedijns, dhr. A.R.


I am involved in the Dog World for many years now. My own breeds are Finnish Spitz and Tibetan Terrier. When I was 15 years old I received from my parents my first pedigree dog. This was a Finnish Spitz male puppy bred in Holland. I started showing him and I always say that my first Finnish Spitz was responsible for getting me so deep in the Dog World.

During the years I imported several Finnish Spitz from the country of origin Finland.

I started breeding Finnish Spitz. I owned or bred several Dutch and international champions, FCI European Champions and FCI World Champions in Finnish Spitz.

In May 2007I was inaugurated by the Dutch Kennel Club as the third all-rounderof the Netherlands, allowed to judge all breeds at championship show level. I am firstDutch judge who completed breed exams in all the 10 FCI groups. I have judged Best in Show and all FCI groups at international level in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2008, I judged BIS at the Dog of the Year show in the Netherlands.

I have judged in most of the European Countries, UK, Canada, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Africa, Russia and USA. For more than 35 years I am a member of SCANDIA the breed club for Scandinavian Spitz breeds in the Netherlands. I’m a member of “The Kennel Club”.

For many years, I’m one of the commentators at the International Amsterdam Winner Show and I did the commentary at the European Dog Show 2011.

In 2009, I judged Best in Show at the Amsterdam Winner show. One of the biggest Dog shows in the Europe. The board of the Dutch Kennel Club gave me the big honor to be the “Best in Show” judgefor the FCI World Dog Show 2018in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

For my profession, I’m Managing Director (CEO) of the Dutch Kennel Club.

For the Dutch Kennel Club, I’m chairman of the Dog of the year Show, the most important TOP DOGevent in the Netherlands!

I’m responsible as CEO of the Dutch Kennel Club for the Winner Show-HOND event. The biggest and one of the oldest Dog Shows in the world

Hensema-v.d. Weij, mevr. T.H.


Ik ben altijd dol op honden geweest. We hebben collies gehad, tot 2008 en vanaf 1998 is er de eerste shiba bij gekomen. Wij fokken en showen op kleine schaal.

Vanaf de shiba ben ik ook met verschillende cursussen begonnen, betreffend exterieur en ook gedragsbeoordeling. Heel interessant om te doen.

Ik mag sedert juli 2018 de hele rasgroep 5 keuren en nog de collies en de shelties uit rasgroep 1.

Janek, mrs. J.


I´am a welsh springer spaniel breeder .Our dogs which started my parents to breed in 1980 are successful on dogshows but also in hunting.  I love shows atmosphere, I love  to judge and I love to show my dogs.I ám internationale judge I was judging all over the Europe last 17 years.In our breeding group we bred World winners, European winners, International champions and champions of many countries. All of our dogs has hunting exams. I work as  english and italian teacher

Jansen-Kalshoven, mevr. M


Cairn Terrier Kennel ~ Cobby Body ~.

Ik ben met de kynologie in aanraking gekomen op 15 jarige leeftijd als kennelhulp bij Keurmeester/fokker Chrit Rijks van brakkenkennel van ‘t Heytse (Heythuysen) en oom Adriaan van Zijl, bevlogen en succesvol New Foundlander fokker: kennel Avalon (Roermond).

Na een St. Bernhard langhaar en wit Toy Poedeltje heb ik een rood Cairn Terrier teefje gekocht en daarmee geshowd, gefokt, G&G en behendigheid gedaan.

Honden heb ik leren trimmen in de grootste trimsalon van Rotterdam (Ria v.d. Hoven) en ben gestart met toen nog AKK.

Daarna E&B en de diverse keurmeesterexamens afgelegd.

Inmiddels ben ik Groepskeurmeester van groep 3, de Terriers, en mag ik de Griffonnetjes en Cavaliers keuren uit rasgroep 9, de Gezelschapshondjes.

Aan deze laatste rasgroep hoop ik nog een paar rassen te kunnen verbinden in de toekomst.

Ik heb twee volwassen dochters en 1 fantastische kleinzoon

12 jaar geleden ben ik vanuit het Westen verhuisd naar landelijk en rustig Drenthe om ruimte te hebben voor de Cairn Terriers.

Ik geef nog steeds ringtraining, trim workshops (ruwharige Terriers) en KK1.

En uiteraard: fokken, exposeren en keuren; dit alles met heel veel plezier.

Door de honden hebben ik gelukkig veel aanloop op het stille platteland:

pupkopers, trimklanten, fokkers (niet alleen met Cairn Terriers) die hun pups komen laten “evalueren” en mensen die een teefje komen laten dekken.

Eentje verzuchtte laatst: een volgende keer laat ik mijn Cairn Terrier teef maar één keer dekken bij jou hoor; 9 pups is me echt véél te veel!

Jentgen, mr. P.


I grew up with German Shepherds. Since ever I was very interested in the training and the commun live with this breed.

In 1980 I got my first own German Shepherd « Cent von der Pelztierfarm ». Together we had big succes in working and in show.

My interests in dog’s anatomy were so great that I passed the examination to be showjudge for this breed in 1984. After being special judge for 6 years I added other breeds.

Today my passion is for hunting dogs, first of all for my German short haired Pointer « Urmel von Möhlhorst » wich I trained and guided until the VGP.

Today I judge all breeds in FCI groups 1, 4, 7, 8, and also many breeds in the FCI groups 2 and 6, and I’m BIS judge

In my judge carreer I had the pleasure to judge very succesfull in many different countrys.

Dogs are always true, thankfull and in good humor. They never give secrets away.  That’s because I love them.

I’m looking forward to your show and to many nice dogs to judge.

Jungblut, mr. W.


1975, Joined the German Foxterrier Club, Deutscher Foxterrier Verband (DFV) e. V.

Registration of the kennel “vom Schwanental”

1982, Joined the German Terrier Club, Klub für Terrier (KfT) e. V.

Successes in breeding and showing


Proudly I have produced five World winners, many European, Bundes- and Club winner,
My dogs have attained many Champion titles, e. g. International, German (VDH, DFV), Luxembourgian, CSSR, Swiss and Austrian Champion, Winner Amsterdam, Belgian Winner, Holland Winner,

Among my successes, “FCI-Group III” 35 times, several times winning “Best in Show” all Breeds at CACIB Shows.

I have been the exhibition director of a Special-CC show for Wire and Smooth Foxterrier in Heppenheim.
As well I have been the exhibition director of a Special-CC show for all breeds of the DFV, KfT and German Bullterrier Club (Deutscher Club für Terrier e. V., DCBT) in Heppenheim.

I served as Chairman of the local group “Hessen-Sued” in theDFV and KfT for many years.
I was elected to the Director of the breeders’ board in the DFVin 1990 with three reelections.

I developed the new breeding regulations of the DFV with the help of Mr. Jochen Eberhardt.
I was also appointed as a ‘Zuchtwart’ for all breeds in care ofthe KfT in 1992.

Training of many ‘Zuchtwarte’, which means that I am qualified to teach others to evaluate and tattoo puppies under VDH/KfT rules, either for companion or breeding quality.
I was elected to the Director of the judges’ board in the KfT in2009 and continue to officiate this function.

Specialist judge career

Group judge career

Judging activities

I was appointed as a specialist judge for Wire and Smooth Foxterrier in 1987.
I was appointed as a specialist judge for all breeds in care of the KfT in 1995.
I have had many judging appointments in Germany and foreign countries from 1987 to 2019, please also see in section“judging activities”.
I have also trained many judges.

Appointed as a group judge for the FCI-Group III in 1996. Appointed as a group judge for the FCI-Group IX in 2002. Appointed as a group judge for the FCI-Group IV in 2008. Appointed to judge Best in Show (BIS) at CACIB level in 2010

Invited to judge at many Special-CC shows.
Invited to judge several times at European and Bundessieger shows of the German Kennel Club, Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen, VDH.
Invited to judge at the KfT’s club shows in honor of its 100thand 110th birthday.
Invited to judge National Terrier Show and Winsor Dog Show in England.
Invited to judge several times at the European Dog Shows of the FCI.
Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2006 in Poznan, Poland.
Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2012 in Salzburg, Austria.
Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2013 in Budapest, Hungary.
Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2016 in Moscow, Russia,
Invited to judge at the World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig, Germany.
Invited to judge at the European Dog Show 2021 in Budapest, Hungary.

Further I have had many invitations to judge at national and/or international dog shows in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brasilia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Philippine,

Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South-Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Manders, dhr. Drs. Ing. E.C.A.M.


Ik ben opgegroeid met honden en het fokken ervan. Mijn oma had Pekinezen en Poedels die op show kwamen en opa had Boeviers. En thuis hebben we verschillende rassen gehad (Witte kleine Kees, Langhaar Teckel, Chow Chow, Ierse Setter, Schotse Herdershond, Yorshire Terrier en Maltezer). De Maltezer is echter het ras geweest waar het showen en fokken mee gestart is. Toen ik 7 was kreeg ik mijn eerste Maltezer en vanuit daar is de hobby uit de hand gelopen. Na een aantal jaar kwam het eerste nestje en weer later gingen we showen. Inmiddels heb ik dit bijzondere ras al 36 jaar en is mijn kennel al 26 jaar geleden ingeschreven. Ik heb meerdere nationale en internationale kampioenen gefokt en door heel Europa geshowd. Inmiddels fok en show ik een heel stuk minder al vind ik het nog steeds leuk en hoop ik deze passie door te geven aan mijn kinderen.
In 2002 ben ik keurmeester geworden en inmiddels keur ik heel groep 9, bijna heel groep 5 en een aantal rassen in groep 3.

Naast het showen, fokken en keuren ben ik bestuurlijk actief en heb daarnaast een uitdagende internationale baan.

Stigt, dhr. J.H.


My name is Hans Stigt, I am 53 years old and I live with my partner Rodney and Labrador Retriever Jones in Berkel and Rodenrijs. I am extremely honoured to have been invited again to judge at the KV Rijnland international dog show in Hazerswoude in 2020. This year I will be judging two breeds from Group 8 on Saturday the 21st of March: Dutch Kooikerhondje and the Golden Retriever and I am very much looking forward to it!

It all started over 17 years ago when we bought our first yellow Labrador Retriever, Cooper, from a registered breeder in Pijnacker. He was such a sweet and lovely 8-week-old pup; I never could have dreamt that by him coming into our lives I would get to experience so many wonderful things in the cynology. Having a puppy in our house, who grew into a lovely senior, gave us the whole experience. I have learnt so much about dogs and had the privilege to know what it means to share your life with them.

When Cooper reached puberty and his ears did not ‘work’ any more, we wanted to castrate him. However, before we did that we wanted him to be judged once at a dog show. He received an ‘excellent’ with a lovely report, so we decided not to go ahead with the castration. This turned out to be a good decision, as he went on to sire 8 litters and we became involved with even more aspects in the cynology. We eventually had three Labradors, continued with training, showing, health checks, and all three became stud dogs. As we became more and more involved with the breed, I began studying and eventually took my first exam for the Labrador Retriever in 2012. I passed! Since then I have added 16 more breeds too, whom I love very much. From 2013 till 2018, with great pleasure, I was a board member of the Dutch Dog Show Judges Association.

I judge with my heart and respect is paramount in my judging; Respect for the dog and also for its handler/exhibitor. It is an honour every time that I am asked by a show organisation to judge and qualify another person’s most precious possession. I enjoy the dogs so much and I always try to show this. I want to thank the dog show organisation KV Rijnland for this year’s invitation and I hope that together we can make it a wonderful event like last year!

It will be lovely to see you all on the 21st of March 2020 in Hazerswoude. I’m very much looking forward to it!

Strijbos, mevr. W.J.M.


My name is Wilma Strijbos and I live in the Netherlands.

All my life I have been surrounded by animals.

I’ve always competed at a high level in the horse sport.

After that I found my way to the dog world, showing and breeding purebred dogs.

I started with the Lhasa Apso , later on with the American cocker spaniels and  Boston terriers as well.

Since 2005 I am an official fci judge, resulting at this moment in the license to judge fci group 9 and 4 and some breeds in group 3 and 8.

I had the honor to judge in many different countries.

As a breeder I am very proud to have bred over 100 American cocker spaniel champion titles across the world, my Chicomy’s prefix shows up in pedigrees of the most prestigious American cocker spaniels.

At this time I am still breeding high quality American cocker spaniels and Boston terriers.

I am honored to judge at your show, thank you for entering your dogs! I am looking forward to have you all in my ring.

Tesics, mr. Dr. G.


I was born and raised in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, but I have been living in Budapest, Hungary since 2000. As for my profession, I run a dental clinic in Budapest where I work as a specialist in Periodontology and oral medicine. I had my first afghan hounds in 1986, and from that moment on I have been very passionate about the beauty, character, speed, and power of all sighthound breeds. I have been breeding afghan hounds for 15 years and I have had 13 afghan hound litters under the kennel name Ben Ben’s, FCI 2233. At that time, I established a dog magazine „Moj Pas” (My Dog). This was the first dog specialized magazine in Yugoslavia of which I was the chief editor for the first 4 years. Some 25 years ago I discovered a very special breed – Sloughi. I found the breed to be perfect for me. Since then I have been actively exhibiting the breed on dog shows and participating with my Sloughies on the Lure coursing. My judging career began in 1991, when I became a judge for all breeds in FCI group 10. Along the way I completed exams for groups 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. In 2003 I also became a judge for Lure Coursing. Judging assignments have taken me to many prestigious shows around the world. I have judged dogs on national and international shows, club specialties, and Lure coursings in more than 30 countries across Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America. Finally, in 2017 I became a member of the board of judges of Hungarian Kennel Club.

I am actively taking part in education programs for judges, including presenting at club seminars about my two favorite topics: Mandibula angusta (inverted canines) and sighthound origin and types. Apart from my native Serbian language I am fluent in Hungarian, German, and English.

Toorn, mevr. W.F. van der

Ik ben Cisca van der Toorn, geboren 19 maart 1959 in Scheveningen.

Zo’n 32 jaar geleden haalden we een hond uit het asiel: een kruising Deerhound/Groenendaeler. Later gevolgd door een kruising Podenco/Herder, vervolgens een kruising Whippet/Greyhound en daarna een Greyhound, allen uit het asiel.

Gegrepen door het lieve, aanhankelijke en in huis rustige windhondenkarakter konden we de verleiding niet weerstaan en kwamen er 2 Whippet pups in huis.

En waarom Whippets?:“ Dat is toch vanzelfsprekend voor een ieder die dit mooie ras kent”.

Mijn interesse en liefde voor het windhondenras is erg groot. We leven nu al geruime tijd samen met windhonden waarvan meerdere Whippets en Chart Polski’s en hebben onder de kennelnaam “Faithful Hollandia” 7 nestjes Whippets gehad, prachtige gebeurtenissen!

Doordat ik veel shows bezocht, raakte ik erg geïnteresseerd in het voorbrengen, beoordelen en keuren van Whippets en de andere windhonden.

In 2008 ben ik geslaagd voor het rasexamen van de Whippet en in 2018 voor mijn 2e ras het Italiaanse Windhondje. In de kynologie ben ik actief als exposant, fokster en keurmeester.

Mijn interesse gaat ook naar de windhondenrennen-en coursing. Ik ben trots dat mijn Whippets goed presteren tijdens de coursing en de show.

Verder breng ik veel vrije tijd door op Texel samen met mijn man en de honden. Een geweldig eiland voor ons en de honden.

Ik vind het een eer om de Whippets en Italiaanse Windhondjes te mogen keuren tijdens de Int. Dogshow KV Rijnland en de organisatie bedanken voor de uitnodiging.

Ik hoop er met u allen een fijne en gezellige dag van te maken.

Zeppi, mr. A.


I have enjoyed a very active involvement in purebred dog for more than two decades. My dad started breeding Bracco Italiano 35 years ago. My keen interest in dogs started when i was very young and now I’m carring foward my father’s love for purebred dogs.

About twenty years ago I started having a keen interestion Golden Retrievers, English Cocker and Labrador Retriever.

I breed and show Golden Retrievers, English Cocker and Labrador and i also produced serval champions included six International champion of beauty.

From Apri l2013 to May 2016 i was Vice Chairman of Italian Retrievers Club.

I judges in some countries : Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Lituania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Belgium.